Clear Convictions-Puerto Rico Hard Core

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Album: Warning (2007)

Song: Highest Enemy

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In the year 1999, a group reunited with a deep concern for preaching the word of God, through music. In a period of one year in a half, they dedicated themselves in seeking the will of God for their lives, meanwhile preparing spiritually as well as musically, many went through this lapse of time but not all qualified for the calling and the vision God had for the group, until God put the right people for the job: Enzo (drums) founder, Daniel (guitar), Jerameel (guitar), Luis "Welchi" (bass), Natanael (vocal), after a long search, difficult moments, many adversities and oppositions, Gods vision began and they took the word of God to the streets through hardcore old school, and Glory to God in all!! Have opened the eyes of many blinded youth preaching the word of God in a little island called PUERTO RICO were they live. They have played with many local bands from the hardcore scene in PUERTO RICO , which have been of deep support for them. After six years, the opportunity to make a demo came, which was distributed by FACE DOWN RECORDS, a Christian record in U.S.A California, this demo has 4 songs, by this oportunity, they were invited to Costa Rica to a concert called "LUMBRERA FEST " they were interviewed in TV and local radio, after this period of time, Jason Dunn (owner of FACE DOWN RECORDS) made the approach to sign them in STRIKE FIRST RECORDS and record a complete CD. This musical production contains 11 songs and "intro, this was produced by Tim Mason (guitarist NO INNOCENT VICTIM) since then, they have been heard around the world and the production was of much success thanks to God!! They toured through the states to promote their CD, they played with bands like: NO INNOCENT VICTIM, figure four, xLOOKING FOWARDx, SEVENTH STAR, BLOODY SUNDAY , INKED IN BLOOD and others. Their name is CLEAR CONVICTIONS .